After nine weeks writing my blog about rock music, I feel that I get more familiar with different music genre. In my posts, I have introduced hard rock, punk rock, visual kei, speed metal, alternative rock, symphonic metal, grunge rock and progressive metal. I have learned a lot in this learning project. For the content of my articles, I learned many kinds of rock music which I seldom listen to. It’s a pity that there are so many kind of rock music that I can’t introduce all of them in just a few week. By the way I found some songs really really good while I was writing my blog, such as a symphonic metal band – Nightwish, I do find their songs good to listen. And for English skills, I also learned many things. First, it’s a challenge to write an article more than words. Second, there are always a lot of resources from the Internet. Well, I won’t say I’ve made a good job, but I did finish them.

I like this song very much. Share with you~

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Summary – The muse of life, music

Hi everyone. I’m so sorry for the extremely late post.

Okay. That we start.

Time really past so fast as if it was flying. At first, I considered that this is really a hard work. However, ten weeks pasted. I have posted introduction of rock music, jazz music, R&B, and blue music. In the process, surprisingly, I found that rock music, jazz music and R&B are all developed from blue music!! As well, I have introduced an arcade music game named jubeat, four performers who are the piano guys, Sarah Brightman, Jason Mraz and Li Yun-Di, respectively.

You may ask why I wanna post so many songs and introductions about music. It may make my blog seems so boring. But I want to say, music is so important to me. When I am listening to music, I feel that I’m in a different space, forgetting all troubles and sad. Unfortunately, I’m a person frequently have blue mood.

Maybe you are a cheerful person won’t feel sad so frequently. However, when you feel bad, listening to music is a really good panacea!

At last, I wanna tell you an piece of information. “Notre dame de paris”(鐘樓怪人) are going to perform in Taiwan!!!! The time is at 2013/1/18-2013/1/27. This is a really great musical having great music and great story. The video following is the most classic complete version which is my favorite one.

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